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Say hi to the team!

Mattias Tiger - CEO

Mattias Tiger is a seasoned AI researcher with an extensive portfolio of projects spanning both the private and public sectors.

Serving as the Deputy Lab Leader at the Reasoning and Learning (ReaL) lab, he plays a pivotal role at Link√∂ping University’s AI division (AIICS).


Fredrik Heintz - Senior Advisor

Fredrik Heintz is a professor at the Department of Computer Science, with his research primarily focused on artificial intelligence and autonomous systems. He holds a keen interest in the intersection of learning and reasoning as well as Trustworthy AI.

Apart from his academic pursuits, Fredrik serves as the Chairman of the Swedish AI Society (SAIS), the Director of the research school within Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP), and the Coordinator for the European AI network TAILOR – Foundations for Trustworthy AI.


Andreas Stenberg - Expert Developer

Andreas Stenberg is an expert software developer and consultant, specializing in AI and cybersecurity.

His mastery in advanced algorithms and analytical problem solving has contributed to the successful development several innovative apps and prototypes. These range from advanced AI tools to communication aids and lifestyle apps.


Tomas Ahlström - Chairman

A veteran in the Swedish startup scene, he has a strong focus on deep tech, AI, and the gaming industry. Over the years, he’s started several companies, sold startups to big international firms, and given advice to businesses that made big deals.

He’s always loved helping new entrepreneurs and startups and has played a big part in creating innovation hubs. Now, he’s investing in startups that have a lot of promise, Frogleap-AI being one of them.